Thursday, December 31, 2009

As if I wasn't already spoiled......

For Christmas this year Morgan bought me an hp mini so I could use the computer downstairs (and coffee shops of course!). Here is a picture of the one I got.... I love it so much!

To top it off, my mom got me the coolest camera ever. I am blessed.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Am I a lucky girl, or what?

Most of you know that Morgan works in downtown Salem. Well, he's had to switch parking garages and the one he currently parks in takes him right through the Wednesday Market. It's like the Saturday Market only it's on Wednesday. Anyway, my thoughtful man has been bringing me these beautiful bouquets of flowers. Here are pictures from my desk.....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In case you're wondering......

How Old Navy handles a kid crisis, they do a really good job! So today, I dropped Chase off at Vacation Bible School and Dylan and I decided (and when I say Dylan and I, I just mean me...) to do a little shopping. I was in the clearance section of Old Navy chatting with Dylan and all the sudden I realize that I can't hear him anymore. I swear that about 5 seconds before that, he was talking to me. So, knowing Dylan I figure he's hiding from me and I use stern mommy voice, first and middle names, and start looking through the racks of clothes. Well, that doesn't work. I check the aisles to my left and right but don't really want to leave the last place I saw him. My heart is beating a little faster but I was still thinking he was hiding so I looked through the clothes again and still nothing. (here's the part where Old Navy comes in) I am not panicking (yet) but getting there for sure when I see the dressing room monitor walk toward me. I say to her, "I feel really dumb but I totally just lost my kid." All the sudden she is on the radio, the doors are locked, the music is turned off and ALL of the workers and yelling for Dylan. It was amazing, really good teamwork. Plus apparently with everyone yelling, Dylan came out of his hiding place. I knew it. Little jerk.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One of my new favorite things......

If you have never tried LUSH, you should. My first LUSH was from my friend Diana, she got me stuff for my birthday one year and Laci just gave me this..... it's dusting powder but it smells SO good. I love this stuff. If want to check it out go to

Just thought I'd share.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So this week and next I have Chase and Dylan signed up for swimming lessons. Chase is 5 and doesn't swim at all. I figure it's time for him to learn how to save himself should he ever fall in a body of water. And Dylan loves the water. Loves the bath, loves the kiddie pool... so I figured he should learn how to save himself when he jumps into a body of water. Chase's classes are set up so that there are only 4 kids to a teacher and they go in without the parents. I take Dylan into the water for his lessons. I have been almost dreading these lessons because I thought that Chase would hate the lessons, hate the water, hate that I wasn't with him. Could I have been more wrong? Chase LOVES swimming lessons and Dylan hates them. He screams "OUT" and "NO WAY" almost the entire time. Well, when he's not crying anyway... the thing he did like to do today was learn how to get out of the pool. Go figure. My kids, just when I think I know them, I realize I don't.

Oh, and for my Tiesha mention, Tiesha, I'm glad you are running with me and LeeAnne. Even though most of the time I am panting and wheezing, it's nice that you are there :)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

So some of you may know that I've started running with a good friend of mine. We've started doing a program called "couch to 5K" It's cool 'cuz it gradually (yeah right) gets you running a 5K in about 9 weeks. I was doing really good up until this point. I'm at week 4 now and had to run for 5 minutes at a time. What the heck??!! I thought I was going to die. Thankfully on my last 5 minute cycle (yes, I had to do it more than once) Dylan started crying and needed me to hold him. It was the perfect excuse to quit. So, I guess I only ran 4 minutes the last time. My friend wanted me to make it up by running up and down the stairs at the track. Luckily Dylan still needed me so I had to walk them. I mean seriously. I'm waiting for my runners high, so far all I have is shin splints.

Tiesha, someday maybe you'll come back to my blog. I look for your comment everyday. Just want you to know that.... ;)

Thursday, July 02, 2009

When Chase, Dylan, and I have no place to be we usually eat our breakfast and then go outside and play. I don't play, I drink my coffee and watch them play. That's how I stay in such excellent shape... Anyway, today started out in that same way, we got up, they asked to go outside, I said after you eat bloddy bloddy... So we eat and Chase and Dylan go outside. I am making my coffee when Chase comes in and says, "mom, there's a bird on the ground. and that's not the interesten thing about it. the interesten thing is that his eyes are open" and then he proceeded to do a fairly accurate bug eyed dead stare face.

Of course I do not want to investigate this. Those of you who know me know that I HATE birds. But, you know, I had to suck it up for the kids and see what was going on. Chase of course didn't want to be near the bird and Dylan most likely wanted to kick it so I headed outside. Right outside the sliding glass door to the immediate right was a dead bird (or so it seemed.... doo doo doo doo). There was also a bloody smear on my sliding glass door where it tried to fly in. (seriously?) So I had Dylan come back in and we watched a movie instead. About an hour later I am walking by the sliding glass door and there's the bird. Just standing there. I guess it was just stunned.....

Well no, it was more than stunned because the next time I walked by (no, I'm not obsessive or anything, well, actually I sort of am, but I was working on switching the computer room to another room and kept making trips by the bird. You know I didn't WANT to see it.) it had migrated over toward the bbq and was dead. again.

Later on................................

So, trip #527 by the bird and it's standing up again but I realize that it's left leg is tick tocking back and forth in about the spot a knee would be if birds had knees. And ew, it left a disgusting mix of blood, bird poop, and something chunky I'd prefer not to think about on the concrete by the bbq. Sick. At this point I just closed the curtains. I looked a few minutes later and it was gone. Yay.

Morgan gets home from work and I tell him about the bird and ask if he could please clean up any evidence (so I can pretend this did not happen) and also look in the yard for the bird because it wasn't looking so good and I thought it might not have gotten very far after it finally left. He proceeds to tell me that next time I should just get towel and put it over the bird and then it'll just lay there. AS IF!!! I must of looked horrified at this because then he just laughed. I mean really, I've been with the man for 11 years.

Of course Chase had to demonstrate the bug eyed dead stare face for Morgan. He also pretended he was a bird and "flew" into the kitchen cabintes and then landed on the kitchen floor. That was pretty funny. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the bird had just gone back to it's original spot and finally died.


P.S. Tiesha, I am offended and hurt that you haven't checked my blog.... I will most likely mention your name in all my posts until you check it ;)